FS:Mini Jason Hockey mask pendant/necklace


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FS:Mini Jason Hockey mask pendant/necklace

Postby BeyondRestorations » Fri Apr 03, 2015 3:48 am

My little art studio debut with a couple etsy products. This is my resin cast hand painted Friday the 13th part 7 "The New Blood" necklace. We all know legit full sized hockey masks are easy to have made authentic to which ever film masks you want. My goal here was to create collectible Jason hockey masks in all their variations from different films so that they are a wearable pendant and can be showed off easier on the go. Each detail will be carefully applied in hopes that the vibe of the films will shine thru. Once I finish sculpture of the part 3 sized jason mask I'll do a few that were derived from those molds.

I decided on this project after seeing the quality of jason hockey mask pendants on etsy and ebay. People are paying similar prices for generic looking pendants made from polymer clay! Don't get me wrong I love to use super sculpey but generally it's not a material that a product should be made in. I can also vacuform these jason pendants if you prefer though the resin feels better.

No one seems to be seeing it on Etsy so I thought I'd try some places where the hardcore horror prop and mask guys reside. Thank you all for any support.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/227623465/ ... h_type=all
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