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Weathering a Part 3 Jason Costume

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:13 am
by knightprowl

I was wondering what would be the best way to weather a part 3 Jason Costume. I know part 3 did not have a lot of weathering. I know it had some on the boots and I think some around the bottom of the pants legs but I am not sure what else.

I am basing it on the version early in the movie before he gets into the fight with Chris and gets stabbed in the leg and hand. And before the barn fight scene. So the version with minimal dirt.

After all it was clean clothes on a clothes line he stole. So they didn't get very dirty until later on in the movie. So I am thinking some dirt on the bottom and sides of the boots and some small amounts on the bottoms of the pants legs.

I think that is about it as the shirt appears to stay clean until the very end during the fights with Chris. So would this be correct for a part 3 costume? Or would just dirtying the boots up be enough?

I dont want them to look new but at the same time they need to be like the movie. Which from what I can tell isn't much on the weathered side since it is freshly clean clothes. And he didn't exactly roll around on the ground or anything to get them dirty.

Not until he started fighting with Chris. So I am thinking some dirt on the boots and a little on the bottoms of the pants will do. Or none on the pants. I dont know for sure. Its hard to tell on the movie.

So please if anyone who is a part 3 expert can tell me if I should weather the boots and the bottoms of the pants or just the boots. Or if I need to add some weathering to the shirt or not and etc.

Just wanting to be sure I only weather the areas needed. Just trying to be accurate to the weathering for my version is all. And if anyone has some behind the scenes pictures of the part 3 costume pre fighting with Chris then please let me know on that as well.

Thank you and Peace.

Re: Weathering a Part 3 Jason Costume

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:29 am
by knightprowl
Well I looked at the film as best I could. And from what I can tell his clothes are clean until he starts fighting with Chris in the cabin. So I guess I won't need to weather my costume after all.

I even looked at his boots and pants when he kills Rick. The boots have a little dust on them but nothing to warrant weathering them short of throwing some dirt on them. As for the pants.

They looked clean as I figured they would be. To be honest the clothes look brand new. I know they are washed but even then clothes do age naturally. These pants even have the crease lines in them still.

Same for the shirt. Although it looks a little older but still no dirt or anything to suggest natural aging. So I guess a clean costume with some dusty boots from walking around in the dirt and grass will do for my pre fighting with Chris costume.

Sadly the mask I got was the post fighting before the ax cut. When its all dirty and the weathering shows more. But since this is only for a local haunted house then it works fine. I will worry about getting a proper part 3 pre fight with Chris mask later on.

But for a Halloween costume for a haunted house that inst anything special then what I got works. I will worry about the proper mask later. So never mind on this topic. Sorry for wasting everyone's time with this.

Thank you and Peace.